COVID-19 Information

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Aloha All ~

As I write this, Hawai’i’s COVID-19 case numbers are skyrocketing. I am greatly concerned about our safety during what is predicted by many experts to soon be the worst surge of the pandemic.

I know these are scary times, however, if we stay aware of what trusted experts are reporting about things that are occurring as well as what we can expect regarding the pandemic, we will be less disoriented and will be able to respond with intelligence and confidence.

As I am sure you know, the new Omicron variant, which we now know is on Maui, is many time more contagious than Delta. In order to prevent becoming infected we must utilize what has been referred to as the “Swiss Cheese” model of prevention. No one layer will prevent us from becoming infected, so we need to apply a multilayered approach.

In order to keep ourselves, loved ones and even strangers safe from COVID-19, experts agree that we must not rely simply upon vaccination and boosting, but also include these other strategies.

And finally, please reconsider any holiday gathering plans you have made. If one person in the gathering has COVID then chances are that almost everyone attending will become infected as well. Despite what you may have heard, being vaccinated, boosted and doing rapid antigen tests prior to attending indoor, unmasked gatherings is no guarantee that you and your loved ones will be protected from COVID-19 infection and transmission. Perhaps you've seen news reports of the many large groups of people who took all of these precautions and yet nearly all guests became infected. By canceling or postponing our normal holiday festivities this year we will be much more likely to be alive and well and able to gather together next year.


CarolAnn and I wish you a peaceful and safe winter holiday. Mele KalikiMaka!

Love & Blessings,

Dr. B